-- PRESS RELEASE -UNDER STRICT EMBARGO UNTIL 00.01 Monday 13 June Facebook accused of enabling the Rohingya genocide ahead of formal court proceedings The UK legal action on behalf of victims and survivors of the Rohingya genocide will progress today as the victims’ representatives write a formal Letter Before Action accusing Facebook of playing a determinative role in the genocide. This letter comes in advance of an anticipated claim seeking damages from the tech giant that, it is alleged, encouraged and facilitated the violence and ethnic cleansing carried out by the Myanmar regime. 12 June 2022, London, UK Today representatives of the Rohingya victims of genocide in Myanmar will write to Facebook demanding information relevant to the anticipated legal claim in the UK courts, in which it will be alleged that Facebook prioritized “growth and profit over safety” and that this directly led to the brutal suffering of the Rohingya. The case, which it is anticipated will ultimately be brought on behalf of tens or hundreds of thousands of victims (including many of the 1 million+ currently living in the refugee camps in Bangladesh), will argue that Facebook: breached its duty of care to its users; was “fully aware of the mobilising power” its platform had and the effects this could cause; and ignored numerous stark warnings of the damage that was unfolding as a direct result of their business. The Letter Before Action demands key pre-action disclosure within 6 weeks and a full response within 3 months. It details the immense suffering that the Rohingya have suffered through the acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, and also how Facebook – despite being repeatedly put on notice by civil society and non-governmental organisations - was used over a number of years to spread hate speech and incitements of violence against this long-persecuted group which culminated in the clearance operations of 2017/2018. The lawyers anticipate that Facebook will, as in all previous correspondence, attempt to dodge liability by directing the victims to other Facebook entities in different jurisdictions where it is more difficult/impossible for the victims to achieve justice (due to technical barriers to such a case being brought in those countries). However, the letter details the factual and legal grounds that, the Claimants believe, show that this claim can, and must, be brought in the UK. Select quotes form the letter include: “As Adama Dieng, former UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, notes, genocides "do not start with the slayings. [They start] with the dehumanisation of a specific group of persons". It is the Claimants' case that Facebook played a material role in dehumanising the Rohingya people: the hate content it actively curated and propagated created an environment in which anti-Muslim sentiment could evolve into violence and, ultimately, the attempted destruction of the Rohingya people.” “Facebook provided [the Myanmar military] with a powerful capability to carry out their intent to harm the Rohingya people, by giving them tools to distort reality, curate and amplify hate speech and extremist content, create epistemic bubbles that shut Facebook users off from alternative views,

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