REPLACE THE SAMPLE IMAGE WITH YOUR OWN IMAGE. COVER IMAGES MUST ALWAYS APPEAR 18.17CM HIGH BY 18.17CM WIDE (SQUARE). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Right-click on sample cover image and select "Change Picture" Click on "Browse" From a File and select the required image Select the newly inserted image and go to the Picture Tools> Format tab Click the arrow beneath the Crop button to expand the menu to view the crop options Select "Aspect Ratio> 1:1 (Square)" (or manually crop your image to a square). Resize your image to 18.17cm high and 18.17cm wide in the Size group above Right-click on the newly cropped image and select "Size and Position" Go to the Position tab and select "Absolute Position" and enter "1.4cm" to the right of "Page" (for Horizontal) 9. Select "Absolute Position" and enter "1.4cm" below "Page" (for Vertical) 10. In the Options section, ensure only "Lock anchor" and "Allow overlap" are selected (ticked) KEEP TITLES AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE. Maximum six words for the title and ideally six words for the subheading. Name of the country featured should be included in the main title. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS THEN DELETE THIS TEXT BOX THE SOCIAL ATROCITY META AND THE RIGHT TO REMEDY FOR THE ROHINGYA

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