11/22/22, 4:44 PM ‘Watermelon suppression’: doxing campaign targets pro-democracy soldiers and police | Frontier Myanmar ISSUES SIGN UP NOW Protesters appeal to police to join them in the days following the coup in February of last year (AFP) ‘Watermelon suppression’: doxing campaign targets pro-democracy soldiers and police MARCH 14, 2022    Military-linked social media accounts, mainly on Telegram, continue to dox activists and encourage violence, including assassinations. Although two of the most controversial accounts were recently removed from the platform, critics say Telegram is still not doing enough to regulate content. By ANDREW NACHEMSON and FRONTIER As more police and soldiers defect from the junta, pro-military social media users are fighting back with a campaign to have security force members critical of the military arrested and to discredit those who join the resistance. Much of this campaign against these defectors is taking place on messaging app Telegram. Despite finally banning two of the most problematic accounts this past weekend, a number of activists say the company is still not doing enough to control dangerous content, even in cases where it puts lives at risk. Frontier previously reported that pro-military personalities were using the app to target business owners participating in a strike to mark the one-year anniversary of the coup on February 1. Some of those who were targeted in Telegram posts were arrested and had their properties seized by security forces. Now these same users are turning their attention to security forces they deem disloyal. https://www.frontiermyanmar.net/en/watermelon-suppression-doxing-campaign-targets-pro-democracy-soldiers-and-police/ 1/10

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